Custom Porches, Screen & Sunrooms

Remember the days when you would congregate on a front porch and enjoy the shade, cool breeze and conversation with family or friends? Or perhaps lounging in a sun room or screened in porch which brought the outdoors inside without having to deal with insects or sudden changes in the weather.

American Building and Restoration can bring all that joy back to you with a custom built feature of your choice.

We start with a design to fulfill your desires and one which blends well with your home.

Together, you and we take the time to create your front porch, sunroom or screened in porch to look like part of the original house.

Having completed the design phase, your work is done and we commence the construction phase.

We build quality into every project by using only top-quality craftsmen, the best grade of lumber, screws, lag bolts, supports, and fasteners.  No shortcuts are ever taken because, like you, we want your structure to be one that provides you years of enjoyment.

It is a quick, affordable alternative to increase the living space, add value and provide protection from the weather while enhancing the beauty of your home.

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