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I would like to take the time out and personally thank these guys at American Building & Restoration. They came out and gave me an estimate of my roof and stuck to it! They took the time out to speak with the insurance company time and time again. Once I agreed to hire them, the owner (Jack) made sure the job was done in a timely manner. He also had patience with me and my insurance company.
Overall, I would use this company again and recommend you to use American Building & Restoration. I am very pleased with the work they have done on my roof and the exterior paint on my house!!!!

Kiva J.
I personally was very pleased with the work American Building did for me.
I have now used them for two large jobs. The first piece of work I had American Building do was after I initially purchased my house on the south side of Nichols Hills. The roof had already been replaced the summer prior to my purchase, but the previous contractor had not put a single vent in the roof! I was told that was a real problem, so I made a few calls and came in contact with Jack at American Building and Restoration. He came out and installed about 6 vents in the rear of my house. He also recommended that while I had a hole cut in the roof, I blow in a some insulation.
I was pleasantly surprised with the good recommendation beyond just the installation of the vents!
JOB 1: A few months later, the hail storm hit my house! Due to my positive experience, I went ahead and called Jack(The owner). He came out, inspected my property, and advised me to put in the call to me insurance company.

Jack PERSONALLY met with the adjuster who came out, pointed out all the different damage, and got EVERYTHING paid for by the insurance company.

It was quite a blessing, he put in some upgraded ventilation, and made my house look better than ever! I was very impressed with the entire experience.
JOB 2: A few months later, I had a sewage line collapse. (great luck I know!) Water backed up into my house, both in my laundry room and bathroom. I made two calls. One to a plumber and one to Jack. I asked Jack if he knew anyone who could do interior construction. He laughed and said “We do more than roofs!” I did NOT plan to file an insurance claim, and expressed this to Jack. He said before we make any conclusions, he wanted to look over the damage and my insurance contract. He looked over the contract and, after looking at the damage, gave me an estimate of what needed to be done to restore the interior to it’s original condition. He gave some great recommendations again and also met with the insurance adjuster. I did not plan to get a dime of insurance money to defray the cost of a major sewage line replacement.

After Jack met with the adjuster, the insurance company cut me a check 3 days later. I was truly astounded to see what all the insurance company ended up paying for. In spite of my deductible, the money I received really helped mitigate all the necessary repairs that accompanied the sewage line repair.

American Building took care of the interior repairs(Tile, sheet rock replacement, painting, and decontamination), and I was pleased with the work as well.

Overall, my experience was exceptional. I feel like in all areas, Jack and American Building went above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend this quality group, and will personally use them for any future construction endeavors.

Overall, I would use this company again and recommend you to use American Building & Restoration. I am very pleased with the work they have done on my roof and the exterior paint on my house!!!!Samuel P.

We were very impressed with Jack Gresham and the job he and his crew at American Building & Restoration did on our roof. For the last five years, every time the wind blew, my husband would pick up shingles off our yard and driveway, climb on the roof and nail them back on. Turns out the shingles were guaranteed for 25 years, but the glue was only guaranteed for 5 years! Tony called our insurance company and they sent out an adjuster. He said the insurance company would only give $200 to cover the 20 singles that had blown off the roof most recently. Tony called Jack Gresham at American Building and Restoration. Jack came out and walked all over our roof with Tony. Jack told Tony to call our insurance company and ask for a second adjuster. The second adjuster came out and Jack walked all over our roof with him and pointed out all the wind and hail damage to him. The adjuster cut Tony a check for $10,600 on the spot!

Same insurance company, same roof, different adjuster and Jack Gresham made all the difference.


This was on a Wednesday. Jack said he and his crew would be at our house on Friday and finish on Saturday. Jack’s crew came at first light on Friday and worked until past dark. They tore off the old shingles, put down new tar and paper, and shingled most of the house. The crew cam back on Saturday at first light and worked until about 1pm, finishing the rest of the roof, picking up the old shingles and nails and disposing of them. We found only a few stray nails they missed. They also installed 8 roof vents and 10 vents in the eaves. We had no vents before. We think this will make alot of difference with the heat in the attic. We will recommend Jack Gresham and American Building & Restoration to all our neighbors, family and friends, because Jack is a man of his word, honest, hardworking & dependable. These are the qualities that are hard to find.Martha & Tony Vaughan, Choctaw, OK

If you need a contractor that is reliable, honest, and delivers on his word, I would recommend that you contact Jack Gresham, owner of American Building And Restoration. I have made several improvements and repairs to my home over the last 25 years that that have left me with substandard or incomplete results that have cost at least an extra $25,000 dollars by disreputable contractors. I had repairs done on dead valley in my roof, again, it was wasted money. I called American Building & Restoration about repairing it, Jack came out and gave a me quote on repairing, but he told me that my whole roof was damaged from hail. He asked me if I had any water damage inside from the leakage of the valley, I said yes, he said that insurance company would cover the cost of the repair for the damage to the drywall & wall paper and all that it would take to repair it back to the original condition it was in before the damage occurred. He suggested that I call my insurance company and file a claim. He said he would be glad to be here when the adjuster comes out to make sure everything got taken care of in one trip. To say I was impressed would be a understatement. He has done additional work for us in our sunroom and kitchen along with handling the storm repairs on our home 3 times now always with the same Quality each time. I will say this, he is the only one that ever repaired those valleys that the leaks have never returned. To be honest I will never look to have another contractor working on our home.

A contractor that is reliable and honest and delivers on his word.

William Van Nolan, Oklahoma City, OK

Jack I just wanted to say thanks for all the help with my insurance claim. I was glad that you was here to point out all the things that you did with the Insurance adjuster. I would have never thought about those two sheds in the back along with the screens and the inside damage. The upgrade to the 30yr shingle was a very nice surprise. Along with that added ventilation you installed Its nice to know that I know a contractor that will take of everything for me. Your crew was so neat and polite making sure that was cleaned up daily meant a lot to me. Please let them know it says a lot about them. If I hear about any of my friends needing someone to help them with their storm damage I will be sending them your way.

Jane M

Jack me and Karen want to say thanks for all the help you provide helping us understanding our insurance policy. We believe having you there to meet with our insurance adjuster in settling our claim made a difference. We are really glad we chose your company American Building And Restoration to repair our home. The time you spent in helping us choosing the color for our roof. Has sure made the difference it really makes the our house stand out among or neighbors. It was so nice and we really appreciate the patience you had waiting on your money from the mortgage company. We realized how expensive it is for the material and labor on a job of this size. Who would have thought it take that long for them to send the check after the work was done and past their inspection. If we ever need anything else done you can be sure you will be the one we will call.

Thanks for all the help you provide.

Jack and Karen

Mr. Gresham, we are sure glad that we chose you and American Building and Restoration to handle our insurance repairs to our home. You were so helpful explaining our policy to us and what the insurance company would pay. I never thought that there was that many items damaged. I have to say you did not miss one. From our screens to our sheds, I was impressed that you care about the small items as much as the big ones, and you made sure all of them got fixed. Our house has never looked better. Your men showed how happy they were to be working for you by how hard they worked. We never heard one word that was not nice as we were in the middle of a well damaged area. With a lot of different companies doing work around us, between their music and their language, there were days we could not sit outside in our own driveway.

Roy and Zemal

I would like to say, if your home has received storm damage, or if you are thinking about having any work done to your house, I would recommend that you call Jack and his guys at American Building And Restoration. They repaired my home from the 2012 storm, and the neighbors’ around me and across the street. As I have had other contractors work on my home in the past from storms, I must say this was the easiest it has ever been, along with the best quality of workmanship I have seen in a long time. From the time Jack met with my insurance adjusters and went over the storm damage, to when the work was completed was no time at all. I was very impressed that after all the work was completed I decided to have some other work done to my home. So he came out listen to what I wanted done which was to have the siding in my front gable change to a different style. He brought a several different styles and He showed me one that he thought would be the best for my style of my house. He explained that after working with me on the storm damage he was sure on what I would like. He told me he really did not want to install any other style of siding on the house because no other siding would give my home the curb appeal I was looking for so I agreed. I have to say that siding made the front of my house just snap. It’s nice to know and have a contractor that cares so much about his work and his customers.

Thanks again Jack for taking such good care of my home.

Judith Summers

We first used American Building and Restoration a few years ago after being recommended by our insurance agency to repair hail damage on our roof and our building. We made an appointment with Jack Gresham who met with the insurance adjuster to examine our roof and ensured they accounted for all damage. The roofing crew arrived when expected and completed the roof in the time frame Mr. Gresham had given us. Not only was the roofing work well done, the clean up afterwards was complete. Recently we had some minor damage to our metal shop building and we called Mr. Gresham.

He was at our property within twenty four hours of being contacted to give us an estimate. A date was set for the work to be done. Right on time they appeared to do the work.  Due to the manufacturer giving Mr. Gresham incorrect material to complete the work, he had to return another day to finish the job. Weather delayed completion of the job, and the first day that they were able to return to complete the work was on a Sunday. Mr. Gresham came out after church to finish the job. The work on our metal shop was well done as with the roof repair earlier. Mr. Gresham made suggestions and completed modifications to reinforce the areas on the shop that would make it unlikely the wind damage would occur again.

We have found American Building and Restoration to be a company of integrity. When Jack Gresham told us he was going to be at our property, he was there right on time. His communication during both projects he has worked on for us has been very impressive. We have found Mr. Gresham to be a person we can trust and most certainly would use his company again.

Derald and Gayle Riggs

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