American Building & Restoration was founded on the principle of enhancing the beauty of your home through expert quality design and work with a lasting construction value.

With over 35 years experience in all phases of the construction business, American Building and Restoration is the number one choice for quality work, top-grade materials, lasting durability, and pricing. Whether an original installation, re-roof, or insurance work, American Building & Restoration will complete the work focusing on the customer’s needs in a professional, timely, cost-effective manner.



Crucial roof components are actually under the shingles.  

American Building & Restoration begins each job with an inspection of the decking to assure that any damage to the deck is replaced and the deck is secured to the framing. Though more labor intensive, all loose nails are removed rather than pounded down into the deck.  This seemingly small detail is critical: it prevents nails from coming up through the shingles, creating leaks and potential denial of future insurance claims. American Building & Restoration uses a weather guard membrane instead of the standard metal used in valleys.  Where metal is a requisite the weather membrane is used as an underlayment.  This creates a waterproof seal, provides wider coverage and prevents leaks. To prevent damage to wood around the fascia, a metal drip edge is installed around all fascia areas.  


One of the most important elements overlooked in roofing systems is ventilation inclusive of roof vents and soffit venting.  

Without proper ventilation, shingles will more rapidly deteriorate from attic heat, airborne mold may form, and manufacturer’s warranties can be voided. Insurance companies do not pay for these upgrades.  However, American Building & Restoration knows they are key elements and makes it standard in all their roofing systems. The customer does not pay more for this attention to detail, yet they clearly are the beneficiary. American Building & Restoration works with their customers to help select the best type of material and shingle color for home beautification and lower heating and cooling bills.

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